Paolo Fiaschi was born in the summer of 1968 and grows in the wonderful countryside of Valdegola, in San Miniato, central Tuscany.
Football enthusiast, play for long: good feet but slow movement. Meanwhile, he is studying to become an expert electrician.

His true passion, from childhood, is cooking: the joy that he learns from his mom and maternal grandmother.
In the mid of 90’s, on the advice of a gourmet friend (who also does the councilor and releases the last available license of the municipe) opens the Taverna dell’Ozio, in Corazzano, assisted by his future wife Rossana.
In 2005 he opened the Pepenero in the historic center of San Miniato, where he mets Teseo Geri, Fabrizio Marino (now thery are very close collaborators in the local Papaveri e Mare of San Vincenzo) and Salvatore Vigliotti, with whom invent the Piazza del Popolo wine shop.

In 2009 he opens Papaveri e Papere (with his friends and partners Giuliano and Gabriele Mannucci from the Parchettificio Toscano), a restaurant in the hills of Valdegola (center of the triangle Pisa-Florence-Siena), noble and popular as those lands, and after few years, already receives the first Michelin report.
Chef Fiaschi loves to work in a group, create, invent, experiment but always with the mind wrapped in his roots.



Chef Fabrizio Marino was born in Empoli in 1979.

Cooking enthusiast from childhood, after the studies at the Buontalenti in Florence, turns the world’s kitchens. The meeting with Japanese cuisine, the work in Milan with Pietro Leemann of the Joia, the friendship and collaboration with Paolo Fiaschi, chef of Papaveri e Papere in the countryside of the Valdegola, (with whom he now manages Papaveri e Mare in San Vincenzo) are crucial.

Chef Marino’s business is a continuous search for more and more refined creations : creating good and right things for client’s palate, creating brotherhood with those around him. Ambitious intention but, you know, life is amazing for the simplicity with which things happen.



Teseo Geri, enthusiast of wines, acting and sailing, is born in 1979, same year of Fabrizio Marino (bizzarre!), known on the football fields of the melancholic periphery of Empoli.

The two men found themselves in a late adolescence working (but always playing) in Paolo Fiaschi’s restaurant in San Miniato, a well-known restaurateur of the territory, famous for its “territory” cuisine.

Our Teseo completes his studies in Economics and Commerce and the Master in Marketing and Wine Business. Then, he doesn’t understand if continue the training course or the parallel with he was able to studying and drinking: waiter and sommelier. It will be the collaboration with Luigi Veronelli, the passion for champagne and the fascination of the flavors and knowledge of the gastronomy and peasant agricolture that will allow him to mix the cards and become the start up of restaurants: through Frescobaldi opens wine bars and restaurants between Rome, London and Miami, and then – for other entrepreneurs – to open in Nice, Milan and Brussels.

After important consulting experiences, such as the world-wide celebration at Cyprian Venice – between a Clooney wedding and a scummy with Uma Thurman – and another collaboration in the jungle of Phu Quock (Vietnam) in a super resort, he come back back in Italy not losing “the humility” of collaborating in a luxury 5 star Relais Chateau, where he finds the usual Fabrizio Marino, who has deposited his soccer shoes and pilot’s hat to become a avant-garde for vegetarian and not vegetarians.

The phone call of “brother” Paolo Fiaschi is a sign of destiny to re-form a trio to the sea: not so much for eating in Baratti but for telling dishes, wines and jokes to Papaveri e Mare.

The three biographies are written and signed by “Pilade Cantini, poet, writer and most important, friend”.